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Guide To Finding The Best Serviced Apartments In Doha

More than two-fifths of Qatar's population resides in Doha, also known as Al-Dawah in Arabic, the country's capital. What began as a modest fishing and pearl-diving hamlet is today a modern city with splendid serviced apartments that offer the highest quality of life.

The experience of renting serviced apartments in Doha monthly is comparable to a fascinating fusion of modern marvels and old-world charm. Here are a few things to consider before you make the decision.

Things to consider while renting service apartments

Types of property to rent in Doha

Types of property to rent in Doha

Doha provides a variety of rental homes, including independent villas, townhouses, spacious apartments, studio apartments, and serviced apartments. Serviced apartments, however, are the most practical for those who value a high standard of living. These fully furnished serviced apartments are available for both short-term and long-term rentals, and the rental fee is inclusive of all daily-use amenities, housekeeping, and other luxurious amenities.

Serviced apartments offer meals, cleaning, ironing and dry-cleaning services, meet and greets, 24/7 security and chauffeured arrivals, making them an attractive option for those who like finer luxuries.

Cost of service apartments in Doha

Renting a serviced studio apartment in a desirable area like The Pearl can be about QR7,500 per month, while leasing one in scenic Viva Bahriya can run about QR9,500. For a furnished, one-bedroom apartment in The Pearl, you'll need to set aside about QR 8,000, and for one in Lusail, QR 11,000.

However, if you want a more spacious place for your family, it will be around QR13,000 per month for a two- or three-bedroom serviced accommodation. The serviced apartments in a more desirable location, like West Bay District, will be around QR1,300,000 a month.

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Ways to find short-term lets in Doha

It's essential to be aware of the various reputed, registered agents who can assist in finding short-term rentals in Doha if you visit the city for business or pleasure. While searching through online resources and print classifieds may make it simpler to find serviced apartments, working with local realtors like 25 Spaces Real Estate ensures a smooth and stress-free experience.

25 Spaces Real Estate is your reliable source of information about homes in Doha's sought-after neighbourhoods like The Pearl-Qatar Island, West Bay, and Lusail City. Since its inception, they have consistently surpassed the expectations of every client by providing exceptional customer service, consistency, professionalism, and ongoing operational efficiency.

How can estate agents make the process easier?

Estate Agents Make the Process Easier

Estate agents are qualified professionals who understand potential renters’ and buyers' challenges and queries. They are knowledgeable about the market and can help find the best deals to facilitate a smooth transition into a new life in your new home. Additionally, because most agents have access to a wide variety of listings, they can show more places if the property you saw online needs to meet your expectations.

In short, licensed estate agents adhere to the ethical standards of doing business. Therefore, you enjoy a service that is abundant in professionalism and integrity.

Final Thoughts

Renting Serviced Apartments in Doha

Doha is a thriving city in which you can achieve your dreams. Expats buying a home in Doha have numerous benefits, including obtaining permanent residency. However, renting is a better option if you frequently travel for work or intend to be in Doha only for a few years.

The best thing about renting serviced apartments in Doha is that they offer professional concierge assistance, security, and the obvious; lavishly decorated & furnished spaces. Residents are also provided with meals and provisions, along with services that take care of everyday chores like ironing and cleaning. Well, who wouldn’t want that!

If you’re looking for a space to rent in Doha, we, at 25 spaces, are professionally trained to provide well-informed information about local properties and the costs of renting or buying a serviced apartment in the prime locations of Doha.

To learn more about living in serviced apartments in Qatar, call us at +974 4464 2525 or email info@25spaces.com.

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