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Lusail City: A place of tradition, modernity, and sustainability

Lusail City Doha Qatar

Qatar is building a smart city from the ground up in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. But this ambitious project goes beyond football – it is part of the country’s national vision for 2030: Qatar becoming an advanced society with a high standard of living.  

The peninsular nation of over 2.55 million people is doing the impossible by creating a futuristic but sustainable city on 38 kilometers of desert landscape. It will support the country’s steadily growing population, providing housing to an estimated 250,000 residents.  

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About Lusail City

Lusail City gets its name from al wassail, a flowering plant that grows abundantly in the area. Located in the southern portion of the municipality of Al Daayen, Lusail City is Qatar’s first green city. It is also the largest development of its kind in the country to date. 

Construction began in 2006. Upon completion, the city is expected to have a population of roughly 450,000. That includes 250,000 permanent residents and 170,000 foreign. The city is also expected to receive 80,000 tourists each year. 

History and development 

The Qatari government first announced plans to build a new city in 2005. The project gained momentum when the country secured rights to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup in 2010. The country won the bid in Zurich, Switzerland, beating Australia, South Korea, and Japan in the process. It will be the first Arab state to host the event. 

However, Lusail’s history dates farther back. The founder of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani, is said to have settled the area and built Lusail Castle. From there he ruled Qatar. 

The Qatari government has financed the city’s construction through the Lusail Real Estate Development Company, a subsidiary of the Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company. LREDC oversees the construction, management, and promotion of the city. The company is valued at more than $1 billion and has active projects in Egypt, Morocco, and various parts of Europe. 

More info on Lusail City

Located about 23 kilometers north of Doha, the city is accessible via Lusail Expressway. The red line of the Doha Metro also provides direct access to the city. Lusail City International Airport (LCIA) offers flights to and from various destinations in the Middle East and around the world. Flag-carrier Qatar Airways operates flights from LCIA. Hamad International Airport is located about 32 kilometers from Lusail City.  

The Lusail Tram will provide efficient public transportation around the city. Once completed, the tram will span 28 kilometers and have 28 trains and 3 lines. There will be 25 stations, 4 of which will be located in the Marina District. The tram will also connect Lusail to Doha through the metro link.

Neighborhoods and  real estate options in Lusail City

Lusail City has 18 districts, each with a designated purpose. Buyers can choose from a diverse selection of neighborhoods, including:

  • Al Kharayej - The district will have 42 residential towers, spacious sidewalks, and a golf course upon completion. It offers access to Qatar’s beaches and the nearby residential area of Al Nafel.

  • Al Nafel & Ak Khuzama - These low-rise residential districts feature land plots for villa developments and open spaces amidst Lusail’s scenic landscape. Alijarah Holding designed these districts as a peaceful and family-friendly environment that provides quick access to Al Kharaej District.

  • Al Tarfa & Al Maha Island - Al Tarfa is home to the majority of Lusail’s most popular attractions, making it ideal for recreation. Residents have access to theme parks, theatres, fitness centers, and hotels that have been integrated into the district’s sustainable and sophisticated infrastructure. It offers a dynamic urban environment with an array of residential units, office spaces, hotels, and retail and dining options. 

Highlights include Place Vendôme, a massive retail complex inspired by Rue de la Paix, an upscale shopping district in Paris. Future developments include  a museum, park, and hotels with public and private beach access.

Al Maha Island is located just off the coast. The district offers first-rate recreational facilities and cultural venues for residents and tourists. 

  • Al Wessil - Al Wessil serves as Lusail’s economic hub. The district was designed exclusively for the region’s business and industrial sectors. Workers and business owners will have access to the latest technologies in sustainable and world-class facilities.

  • Al Yasmeen - The neighborhood will accommodate up to 18,000 residents upon completion. This neighborhood was designed as a dedicated residential district with various housing types. It will also have dedicated education and hospitality facilities to serve its residents. The developer envisioned an integrated and exclusive community with world-class entertainment venues and green spaces. 

  • Al Erkyah -   Situated along Al Khor Highway, this mixed-use district offers prime real estate, open spaces, and areas designated for commercial and medical developments. Al Erkyah was designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for residents while keeping traffic and congestion to a minimum. It is anticipated to develop into a vibrant medium-density district.

  • Fox Hills North & South - Fox Hills is an inner-city residential district with mixed-use developments. The city’s main commercial street bisects the district, which is a medium-density area with pedestrian-friendly streets and gorgeous parks.

  • Lusail Stadium - The district is home to the Lusail Stadium, which will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals. The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy plans to convert the stadium to a community space with shops, schools, sporting facilities, and health clinics as well as donate most of the 80,000 seats to sports projects around the world after the event.

  • Marina District - The Marina District was among the first areas to be built in Lusail. It serves as the city’s social hub with a wide selection of residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. It overlooks the marinas and provides access to the seaside boardwalk. The Lusail Tram connects the district to the rest of the city and its underground stations.

  • Naifa - This residential area will feature medium density housing that caters primarily to city workers. Once completed, the district’s residential buildings will offer approximately 7,100 units with contemporary design. It will also have over 57,000 square miles of linear parks and roughly 24,000 square feet of retail space.

  • Waterfront Residential District - The district offers the best of seaside living with  middle-to-high-rise residential towers and hotels in a scenic setting. It is among the most exclusive districts in Lusail, with beach access and 

Qatar’s City of the Future

Lusail will have sustainable and green features that enhance residents’ quality of life while minimizing the city’s environmental impact: 

  • The Lusail District Cooling System (DCP) - The Marafeq Qatar-designed DCP keeps residents comfortable in the desert heat while saving 65 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. Once completed, the DCP will serve over 1,000 buildings via 175 kilometers of underground piping from state-of-the-art cooling plants in Marina, Wadi, and West. 

It is one of the largest district cooling systems in the world, with an integrated network supplying chilled water to each locality. A central control facility allows the city to operate and maintain this sophisticated cooling system while minimizing power consumption and decreasing any negative effects on the environment. 

The DCP is the first cooling district in the Middle East to incorporate pre-insulated piping that has been manufactured in accordance with the EN 253 family of standards, the European standards for district heating and cooling. The DCP  will save approximately 35% to 45% energy while consuming less power and emitting fewer pollutants compared to conventional cooling districts. 

Marafeq Qatar was named New Scheme Winner at the 5th Global District Energy Climate Awards (GDECA) for its work on the Lusail District Cooling System.

  • Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) - Lusail is the first development in the country to adopt a performance-based rating system for green buildings. All of the buildings in the city have a GSAS rating of at least two stars, hitting targets for energy efficiency, water conservation, outdoor environment quality, and local material sourcing and recycling.

  • Gas network - Lusail City runs on an underground Synthetic Natural Gas distribution network that links each plot to the Natural Gas Network, which spans 144 kilometers and provides up to 28,000 m³/hr of natural gas. As one of the most extensive pipelines in the country, it helps Lusail residents reduce electric consumption. 

  • Land and water preservation - The city features a water-sensitive plan to help minimize water consumption. At 27 kilometers, the Lusail shoreline is bordered by an artificial reef formation with stone revetment walls to help aquatic life flourish. It is also lined with concrete retention walls that help create a healthy marine environment on the peninsula.

  • Pneumatic Waste Collection (PWC) - Lusail’s PWC system generates up to 420 tons of organic waste with combustion potential and another 310 tons with recycling potential. It transports domestic waste using a vacuum pipe network from collecting inlets on each floor of the city’s buildings to a collection station. From there, organic waste is transported to either a composting plan or a landfill. This advanced PWC system does away with conventional waste containers and trucks, which helps reduce pollution. 

Click here for more information on Lusail City’s green features. 

What to do in Lusail City

Popular attractions and things to do in lusail (existing and in development)

Entertainment City

This 100-hectare entertainment complex features theme parks, water parks, theatres, and shopping centers for everyone to enjoy. It also has hotels, villas, and apartments for rent for those who want to extend their stay. 

Entertainment City has five districts, namely:

  • Corniche

  • Downtown

  • North Shore

  • South Shore

  • The Villas

Highlights include:

  • Entertainment Island - The island has public and private beach access. It will be the site of a new museum, park, and hotel upon completion.

  • Place Vendome - This mall offers upscale shopping and a host of dining and entertainment options. As one of the first projects to be developed in Entertainment City, the mall’s architecture draws inspiration from Paris’ most famous neoclassical square.

  • Entertainment City Cinema - The cinema will screen the latest box office hits in diverse languages to cater to international movie-goers.

  • Canal - The canal will run through the mall with cafés and restaurants overlooking the water.

  • Music’n Light Fountain - The dancing fountains with laser lights will surround the canal. 

Lusail Tower & Plaza

The tower overlooks the city’s coastal area. Once completed, it will become one of the most iconic high-rises in Qatar.  The plaza commands views of Boulevard District and offers pedestrians access to the Lusail Corniche. It is a gathering space that can accommodate up to 10,000 people. It will be used as a fan zone for visitors during the FIFA World Cup. 

Qetaifan Islands

The Qetaifan Islands are made up of 4 islands that were once part of the mainland but were sectioned off from the rest of Lusail with an artificial waterway during development. The islands are located on the westernmost point of Lusail, across the city from Lusail Iconic Stadium. There are only two access and entry points, making the islands some of the most exclusive areas in the district. 

Residents and visitors have access to seven private beaches, a beach club, several resorts, and boat docks for over 400 private boats and yachts. They can also enjoy the islands’ fine dining restaurants and high-end boutiques.

  • Qetaifan Island South is located just minutes from the Waterfront District and is one of the most desirable places to live in Lusail City. It is also a vibrant commercial area with businesses and office space. 

  • Qetaifan Island North encompasses 1.3 million square meters with exclusive neighborhoods, upscale hotels, and breathtaking waterfront. The north side is home to the North Qetaifan Island Waterpark. At 129,296 square meters, the waterpark features several water slides and rides, including an 80-meter water slide that will become the tallest water slide in the world upon completion. 

The Linear Park is another highlight, serving as the main highway of the island and connecting its different areas. Salt Lake, an artificial body of water, flows out to the sea, making it ideal for fishing and boating. 

Non-residents will have access to freehold real estate projects on the Qetaifan Islands, including upscale residential units that are connected via a pedestrian bridge to commercial developments and major attractions. Many of these properties have gardens and offer views of the sea.

Lusail Iconic Stadium

The Lusail Iconic Stadium is the crown jewel of the city. It will host the finale of the 2022 FIFA World Cup with a seating capacity of 80,000. The stadium features a retractable roof and advanced cooling system to keep players and spectators comfortable during the event. The design was inspired by the fanar, a traditional lantern.

Lifestyle offerings (shopping and dining)

The Marina Mall 

The Marina Mall offers 180,000 square feet of upscale retail and dining.  It features a hypermarket, family entertainment center, cinemas, and spa facilities. Some of its restaurants offer al fresco dining on terraces with views of the marina.  Place Vendôme 

Located on the Lusail seafront, this upscale mall carries over 600 luxury brands, major retailers, speciality stores, and restaurants. Its Parisian-inspired architecture is enhanced by water features like the canal and dancing fountain.  Lusail Marina Food Arena

The Lusail Marina Food Arena is lined with food stalls, food trucks, and coffee shops selling delicacies out of converted shipping containers. Many of the food vendors in the area offer dine-in and drive-through options. 

Outdoor recreation

Lusail parks

  • Al Khor Park is located on the western edge of the city and runs along the major highway connecting Lusail’s different districts.

  • Crescent Park features a sports field, open spaces, and walkways.

  • Wadi Park is situated along the waterfront and features several walkways and biking paths with views of the sea. 

Marina PromenadeThe Marina Promenade is a 3-kilometer walkway lined with palm trees. It’s a wonderful place to jog, bike, or go for a walk while enjoying views of the water. There are seats along the promenade and nearby food stalls selling snacks and drinks. It was the venue for Light Me Lusail, an international art and digital media festival held in 2018.Lusail City Suspension Bridges

The Samsung C&T-built circular suspension bridges are among Lusail City’s  iconic landmarks and are considered the first of their kind in the world. The bridges feature sequenced lighting displays that brighten up the skyline at night.


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