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Real Estate Ownership in Qatar: Permanent Residency Card vs. Residency Card

Navigating the path to residency in Qatar through real estate investment offers a unique opportunity for expatriates looking to establish a more permanent base in the country. we'll explore the two primary pathways to residency, eligibility criteria, benefits, and essential considerations for investors. This blog explores the nuances between acquiring a Permanent Residency Card versus a standard Residency Card in Qatar, particularly through real estate investment/ownership. Whether you're aiming for permanent residency or a residency permit, this guide will provide you with the information you need to navigate the process successfully.

The principle of buying property in Qatar and getting residency is straightforward, offering a clear incentive for foreign nationals to invest in the Qatari real estate market. Upon purchasing property within the stipulated zones and price ranges, investors are granted a residency card, allowing them to live in Qatar and enjoy the benefits that come with residency status.

Real estate residency in Qatar is becoming an increasingly popular route for obtaining residency. The government's liberalization of property ownership laws for foreigners has made it easier for expatriates to invest in real estate and, by extension, secure residency in the country.

Different Types of Residency Permits in Qatar

Two types of residency permits are given to investors when purchasing a property in Qatar.

  • Permanent Residency Card

  • Residency Permit

Category 1 - Permanent Residency Card

Investors who purchase real estate for a minimum value of QAR 3,650,000 (three million, six hundred and fifty thousand riyals), are eligible for the privileges prescribed for holders of the permanent residency card (healthcare, education and investment), provided the residence period of stay in the State of Qatar is for a minimum of 90 days annually, whether it is continuously or intermittently.

Qatar Permanent Residency by Investment

Investors must navigate a rigorous application process and meet specific eligibility criteria to qualify for permanent residency. By investing in Qatar's real estate market, investors not only secure their future but also gain residency through which they can enjoy a sense of stability and security.

Furthermore, permanent residency by investment underscores Qatar's commitment to attracting foreign investment and fostering a welcoming environment for expatriates.

Eligibility Criteria for getting Permanent Residency Card in Qatar

The list of prerequisites and conditions issued by the Amiri Diwan in accordance with Law No. (10) of 2018 on Permanent Residency are listed below:

1. The investor has resided in the State of Qatar for a minimum period of twenty years (20) if he/she were born outside of the state, and ten years (10) if they were born inside the State of Qatar, provided that the period of residency is consecutive, and before the date of applying for a Permanent Residency Permit.

The exit of the permit applicant from the State of Qatar for a period not exceeding sixty days per year (60). In all cases, such period shall be deducted from the calculation of the duration of his residence in the country. If the applicant for the Permanent Residency Permit leaves the country after submitting his/her application for obtaining it, for a period exceeding six consecutive months (6), the Minister of Interior may not take into account the period of his/her previous residence in the country.

2. The investor has sufficient income to meet his/her needs and dependents, and the minimum value of this income and exceptions from it shall be specified by a decision of the Council of Ministers.

3. The investor is reputable and has a good standing in the state, who has never been convicted by any final judgment in the State of Qatar or outside for any crime against honor or honesty, unless he/she has been rehabilitated.

4. He/she is familiar with the Arabic Language.

Note: The permit for Permanent Residency shall be for a number not exceeding one hundred persons per year. With the approval of the Emir, upon the proposal of the Minister of Interior, the number provided for in the preceding paragraph may be increased, for each year separately.

Qatar Permanent Residency(PR) Benefits

1. Access to Education and Health Services

Qatar is known for its high-quality healthcare and education systems. PR holders gain the same access to these services as Qatari nationals, ensuring top-tier medical care and education for themselves and their dependents. This includes access to government schools, universities, and healthcare facilities.

2. Business Ownership and Investment Opportunities

Permanent residents are granted the ability to own businesses in Qatar without the need for a local partner. This is a significant advantage for entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish or expand their operations in the country. Furthermore, PR holders can invest in various sectors of the economy, contributing to and benefiting from Qatar's dynamic market.

3. Permanent Residency for Family Members

A notable advantage of Qatar's PR status is the ability to extend residency rights to family members, including spouses and children. This ensures that families can live together in Qatar, enjoying the benefits of stability, security, and a high quality of life.

4. Social Benefits

Permanent residency opens up access to various social benefits, including loans and government support services. PR holders can integrate more deeply into the fabric of Qatari society, participating in community life and contributing to the country's development.

Category 2 - Residency Permit

In case of purchasing a real estate of the value of not less than QAR 730,000 (seven hundred and thirty thousand riyals), the owner of the property from this category can obtain a residency permit without a sponsor needed, provided that the residence period thereof in the State is for a minimum of 90 days annually, whether it is continuously or intermittently.

To facilitate residency acquisition, it's crucial to understand the areas where non-Qataris can own property. From the vibrant West Bay district to the picturesque Pearl Qatar, explore the designated zones where investors can purchase real estate and secure their foothold in Qatar's thriving property market.

In addition to designated freehold areas, Qatar offers long-term leasehold options for non-Qataris looking to invest in property. With a range of residential and commercial developments across the country, investors have ample opportunities to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on Qatar's dynamic real estate market.

Moreover, investors can explore innovative projects and emerging neighbourhoods that offer promising growth potential and attractive investment opportunities. Whether it's waterfront developments or urban regeneration projects, Qatar's real estate market continues to evolve, offering investors a diverse range of options to suit their preferences and investment objectives.

The areas for non-Qataris to own property as Freehold are listed below:



West Bay (Legtaifiya)

Zone 66

The Pearl

Zone 66

Al Khor Resort

Zone 74

Al Qassar (Administrative Area)

Zone 60

Al Dafna (Administrative Area)

Zone 60

Al Dafna (Administrative Area)

Zone 61

Onaiza (Administrative Area)

Zone 63

Lusail (Excluding: Waterfront Residential, Waterfront West & Northern Residential Villas)

Zone 69

Al Khuraij

Zone 69

Jabal Thuaileb (Fox Hills - Lusail)

Zone 69

The areas for non-Qataris to own property for a 99 year ownership is listed below:




Zone 13

Fereej Abul Aziz

Zone 14

Al Doha Aljadeeda

Zone 15

Old Al Ghanim

Zone 16

Al Rufaa, and Old Al Hitmi

Zone 17

Al Salata

Zone 18

Fereej Bin Mahmoud

Zone 22

Fereej Bin Mahmoud

Zone 23

Rawdat Al Khail

Zone 24

Al Mansoura, and Fereej Bin Durham

Zone 25


Zone 26

Umm Ghuwailina

Zone 27

Al Khulaifat

Zone 28

Al Sadd

Zone 38

Al Mirqab Al Jadeed, and Fereej Al Nasr

Zone 39

Doha International Airport Area

Zone 48

Benefits of Residency Permit

The main benefit of this type of residency gives you the opportunity to reside in Doha without being employed.

Work Authorization

A residency card provides the legal status to work in Qatar, linked to employment with a sponsoring company. This is essential for the majority of expatriates living and working in Qatar.

Education for Dependents

Holders of a residency card can enrol their children in Qatar's educational institutions, providing families with access to quality education from public to various international schools.

Property Rental

While property ownership may be more restricted for non-PR holders, residency card holders can still enter into rental agreements, allowing them to lease apartments or villas in desirable locations.

Driving License Acquisition

Residents are eligible to apply for a Qatari driving license, which is a necessity for commuting and exploring the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Qatar Permanent Residency

1. Who qualifies for Qatar permanent residency?

Foreigners can obtain permanent residency in Qatar by meeting specific criteria, which include residing in the country for at least 20 years, demonstrating fluency in Arabic, and maintaining a clear criminal record.

2. How much do you need to invest in Qatar to get PR?

To acquire permanent residency in Qatar, individuals have the option of investing in properties valued at a minimum of QAR 730,000 for temporary residency or making investments totalling QAR 3,650,000 for permanent residency status.

3. What are the benefits of Qatar permanent residency?

Permanent residency in Qatar provides several advantages, including access to free education and healthcare services, and opportunities to establish businesses across diverse economic sectors.

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