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Managed vs. Non-Managed Properties

Managed vs. Non-Managed Properties

What does a managed property mean?

A managed property is an agreement between the Landlord and the managing agency. They are responsible for collecting the monthly rental, listing your property, the marketing of your property, and the agency will advise you of the current market rate for your property and what rental you should expect. Pricing your property correctly will ensure you do not have a vacant, non-income generating asset on your hands for too long. The agency will check all the potential tenants and qualify them based on affordability and work profile. This is a vital start to the process as the right tenant will make your letting journey a pleasant one.

At the start and end of the lease, the agent will conduct a handover inspection with the tenant, to agree upon the condition of the property, pre and post the occupancy. The agency will hold the deposit until the outgoing inspection has been completed and all repairs are done. The remaining deposit will then be released upon agreement by both the tenant and landlord, back to the tenant.

Throughout the lease contract, the agent will ensure the property is well maintained, and ensure all repairs and maintenance are completed, ensure the charges and utilities are up to date, taking care of any emergency repairs, and even project management on any alterations or upgrades you wish to do. In need, they will also assist with the eviction process, which on its own, can be a daunting task.

The managed lease is a full-service offering; however, it is often misconstrued that the agent is there to do everything and anything the landlord requires. This is not so and very often the agent will "go the extra mile" to provide services outside of the lease agreement to appease the landlord and tenant. It is important to understand what is being agreed upon in the lease agreement, and any additional services may come at an additional cost.

At the end of the lease period, the agent will also renegotiate a renewal of the lease or assist in finding a new tenant for your property.

What does a non-managed property mean?

A non-managed property is the same as a managed property up to the point of the tenant being placed. Once the landlord has approved the tenant's application, the agent will step away from the transaction and allow the landlord to manage the administration, accounting and maintenance of the property for the duration of the lease. Essentially a non-managed lease is a payment for placement of the tenant and this is where the services end.

Whilst it may seem simple to collect the monthly rental on a property and have a tenant live in your asset, the risks associated with managing a tenant, their rights, your obligations and legal ramifications of getting this vital part of the process wrong may well be worth allowing the specialists to help mitigate these pitfalls.

Whilst the above-mentioned points have been simplified to a large degree, it is important to be informed of the risks associated with managing your prized asset yourself. The legal and financial pitfalls are abundant.


Property management requires significant time and effort more than what is initially anticipated by most investors. It takes an immense amount of work and can prove to be extremely beneficial to investors.


Having 25 Spaces Real Estate as your property manager reduces the possibility of falling into a bad investment that may have irreversible repercussions to your investment portfolio. Several components may be over shadowed by someone amateur or not familiar with the purchasing process which a property manager has.


We will ensure your property is maintained regularly and kept at a high standard for new tenants. Repair, restoration and maintenance tasks will be carried out promptly to help increase the value of your property and maintain the property in good condition.


We can help you market and advertise the property better to attract prospective tenants. 25 Spaces Real Estate will be present at all open house viewings as your representatives, and help you secure tenants with a good rental history.


We are able to resolve conflicts faster and better, because of the overall involvement in overseeing the property. Cordial relationships and constant contact between the tenants and your property manager will also help make the business relationship more profitable and risk free.

An excellent property management company in Qatar that goes above and beyond your expectations

25 Spaces is your one-stop shop for all things property management in Qatar. We handle everything from leasing and rent collection to maintenance and repairs, so you can focus on what matters most to you: maximizing profits and minimizing hassles.

Whether you're looking to lease out a new retail space, manage the building you already own, or just need some help getting your rental properties in shape after the last tenants moved out—we've got you covered. Our comprehensive Doha property management solutions are tailored to the needs of any type of property owner, so no matter the property you're managing, we can help you run it more efficiently.

Services Offered:

  • Marketing

  • Finding a tenant

  • Filing tenancy agreement

  • Collecting rent from tenants

  • Coordinating tenant check-in at the beginning of the tenancy

  • Managing vacant properties and marketing to find tenants

  • Tenancy Contact registration with relevant authorities

  • Handling post dated cheques

  • Coordinating check-out process

  • Assigning dedicated property supervisors

  • Taking care of all repairs and maintenance

  • Handling tenant disputes

  • Issuing quarterly reports



Yes! A property manager can help you manage your rental property more efficiently, saving you time and stress. They can help you maximize the return on your investment by finding reliable tenants, handling maintenance and repairs, collecting rent, and more. Ultimately, a property manager can help you make the most of your rental property and make the rental process easier.


Our property management services include a range of services designed to ensure that your rental property is well-maintained, compliant with applicable laws and regulations, and financially successful. Services include rent collection and tenant management, lease administration, maintenance and repair services, tenant screening, managing relationships and more.


A property management company can help landlords in a variety of ways. They can help identify and attract qualified tenants, handle tenant inquiries, coordinate necessary repairs and maintenance, collect rent payments, and manage legal matters such as evictions. Additionally, they can help landlords remain compliant with local laws governing landlord-tenant relationships.

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