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Tenant's Perspective on Coping with Qatar's Weather

The Unforgiving Desert Sun


Qatar is known for its arid climate, characterized by extremely hot summers where temperatures often soar above 40°C (104°F). For tenants, this means dealing with a weather condition that significantly impacts daily life.

Utility Bills


One of the first things that tenants in Qatar notice during the summer months is the spike in utility bills, especially the electricity bill. Air conditioning becomes a necessity, not a luxury, and it can be a significant expense.

Indoor Living


During the hottest part of the day, it's common for tenants to stay indoors. Many apartment complexes and homes are designed with this in mind, featuring shaded outdoor areas, swimming pools, and well-insulated buildings.

Energy Efficiency

Tenants are increasingly looking for energy-efficient properties that can help keep utility costs down. This might include well-insulated apartments, efficient HVAC systems, or even solar panels.



Regular maintenance of air conditioning units is crucial. Tenants often request landlords to ensure that these systems are in top condition to cope with the heat.

Early Mornings and Late Evenings

Outdoor activities are often planned for the cooler hours of the day, typically in the early morning or after sunset.

Community Spaces

Many residential communities offer communal facilities like gyms, swimming pools, and parks, which become more popular during the summer as residents seek outdoor activities in cooler surroundings.

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Leave your living space to us!

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