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Lusail Attractions: Things To Do In Lusail City

Lusail City is not only well-established in terms of its incredible geography, but it has indelible imprints on the minds of tourists, expatriates, and Qataris alike. With a population of about 200,000 and home to an iconic stadium that will serve as a global sports venue, Lusail City is the brightest, most technologically equipped smart city in the area. Businesses benefit from Lusail's high-speed fibre network, while people enjoy a high standard of living in a sustainable environment.

Top Things To Do In Lusail

1. Visit Crescent Park

Crescent Park, which uses recycled water to irrigate green spaces, showcases Lusail's commitment to sustainable living with a pattern influenced by the desert and dunes. This open space is made even more enjoyable by themed playgrounds, water features, a football field, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, bike trails, food establishments, children's play areas, and access to Marina Promenade.

2. Take A Stroll Along The Marina Promenade

The Marina Promenade

The Marina Promenade is an excellent place for energising and ambience-filled evening strolls among serene palm trees. You will wonder if there is another place with such beautiful scenery and environment as joggers and cyclists pass by!  Enjoy the engaging fountains that draw attention at night when they are illuminated. Enjoy coffee at one of the stylish cafes while taking in far-reaching views. Yachts and eateries providing street food abound in the Marina itself. You can see Light Me Lusail, the yearly festival of lights if you are here in the first few days of December. Watch as the sky turns a range of bright hues.

3.  Enjoy The Place Vendôme

The Place Vendôme

Here, you will find Place Vendôme, the Paris-inspired leisure, entertainment, and luxury retail hub, which serves as the centre for relaxation and recreation in Lusail. Place Vendôme is more than just a posh shopping centre because a canal enters it from the sea. On-site accommodations include two five-star hotels, opulent residences, and restaurants serving haute cuisine, coffee shops, American food, Far Eastern specialities, and Italian cuisine.

4. Explore The Marina Twin Towers

The Marina Twin Towers

While Waterfront Hotel, also known as Cubes Tower, gives the impression that Lego blocks are coming out of the skyscraper, Marina Twin Towers will make you think of colourful Lego bricks. The circular suspension bridge at Lusail, which glows spectacularly at night, is another intriguing building.

5. Dip your feet in the Sands of Lusail Beach

Lusail Beach

Although it may not yet be open to traffic, the suspension bridge leading to Qetaifan Island North is swiftly becoming one of Doha's most picturesque (and photographed) locations. The finest place to view it is unquestionably from one of the many eateries or cafés that have sprung up in front of the Waterfront Hotel Apartments on the shores of Lusail Beach, especially at night.

6. Explore The Lusail Marina Food Arena

Nearly 70 food trucks are there, serving anything from coffee and cake to burgers and Mexican food. Drive through and pick up your items, or stay to take in the views from Katara Towers. Don’t forget to enjoy pan-Asian cuisine at Timeless.

Popular amongst influencers & social media fanatics, Timeless is one of the most photogenic pan-Asian restaurants on the sixth floor of Marina Towers. There is much to enjoy in the interiors as there is in the food, but if you can find a seat on the terrace, you'll also get to see the Katara Towers in the distance. 

You can also try unique delicacies at The Tiny Leaves, São Paulo Café, KYOTO, Honeybee, SO SOUFFLÉ, Le Meilleur, and many more.

7. Refresh or Energize At Arena Fitness

Not a big walker? You may attempt many classes at the ladies-only Arena Fitness, so don't worry. You can schedule a yoga or pilates session if you're trying to unwind, but the different studios within offer everything from strength training to spinning.

8. Visit Ink Café And Make A Cartoon

Although Ink is officially a part of the Lusail Food Arena, it was so outstanding that it merited a special mention. Ink's decor is black and white and painted to resemble 2D, taking inspiration from the enduringly fashionable cartoon café trend in South Korea. No doubt, the meals and coffee here are just as refreshing (and tasty!) as the ones in South Korea.

9. Pose Gorgeously Close To The I Love Lusail Sign

I Love Lusail Sign

Did you genuinely visit Lusail if you didn't get your photo taken next to the "I Love Lusail" sign? This must be at the top of your list of things to do in Lusail whenever you come because it is situated along the Lusail Marina Promenade. The neighbouring fountains come to life at night and make for the ideal Instagram shot.

10. Hit The Lusail Shooting Club

Football is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in Lusail, which will host both the opening and closing matches of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The Lusail Shooting Club, on the other hand, is worth checking out if you want to try something a little different. There, you can try out sports like archery or clay pigeon shooting. Keen? You avoid being disappointed on the day, make sure to reserve your spot in advance.

Take Away

The best hotels, shopping centres, sports arenas, and entertainment locations can all be found in Lusail City. There are numerous things to relish and gain from it. The World Cup Qatar 2022 is the biggest sporting event and boosts travel and tourism. Lusail invites everyone to have the ideal holiday this season!

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