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Stay in Qatar for World Cup 2022: Why football fans choose short term apartment rentals over hotels?

Qatar is set to have one of the most successful years in terms of tourism, owing to the football extravaganza scheduled at the end of 2022. As a result, short-term rentals available from November to December 2022 are already gaining massive traction - a phenomenon that will only increase as the event gets closer. Short let apartments are convenient for both the homeowner and renter since they allow the former to make significant gains without long-term commitments while the latter is able to find a home away from home.

Why Short-Term Apartment Rentals Are The Next Big Thing

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Alternative to Hotels or Resorts

Finding lodging at opulent hotels and resorts won't be simple due to the popularity of the event and a large number of visitors; the majority of good hotels will be reserved for teams, supporting staff, media, etc. Travel agents predict that as the event dates approach, rooms at  5-star and 4-star hotels will become inaccessible to most. 

At 25 Spaces, we find that short stay apartments aren’t just a great alternative for a demand-heavy market but also cost-effective. Temporary apartment rentals can easily be tracked on the internet and cater to the varying lifestyles of residents, plus offer an enjoyable stay in the country without burning a hole in their pocket.

Grand Preparation by Landlords

A short-term lease is highly attractive for property owners since it lets them welcome renters without extended legal obligations. As a result, landlords have been optimizing their space for temporary house rentals by creating homes that cater to the tastes of worldwide football enthusiasts. 

Some examples are upgrades to the interiors to offer a more luxurious stay for the tenants and match international standards of lifestyle as well as hotel accommodations.

Golden Opportunity for Investors

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Due to the rising demand amongst international tourists, real estate investors are allocating greater funds to new properties, especially in the luxury sector. The property boom promises high Returns On Investment quickly, which is an ideal scenario for any buyer. 

Moreover, since property owners want to test out their apartments before the matches in Doha begin, a sizable number of recently handed-over properties have already been placed in the short-stay market to meet the huge need for accommodation this year. 

Boost in Qatar Property Market

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The real estate industry in Qatar is thriving right now due to the increase in global and local investors alike. This is urging first-time buyers and investors to enter the market and make the most out of the boom. A boom that has also translated into higher quality services and a range of more beautiful communities with global standards in the nation.

Why not check high-quality homes on the market and become a part of the global trade that the upcoming football fiesta is about to trigger?

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