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Why You Should Invest In Luxury Properties In Qatar

According to PWC Middle East, Qatar’s real estate industry is focused on decreasing its carbon footprint to establish a greener future. The country has applied its sustainability agenda in recent projects such as the Doha Metro, Msheireb Downtown and Lusail City. They have emphasized their shift to renewable energy solutions like carbon dioxide monitors, on-site energy generation, and LED lighting systems and carbon dioxide monitors. Also, they have some other strategies in line. 

Now, let us understand the market demand for luxury properties in Qatar.

Should You Buy Properties In Qatar?

Should You Buy Properties In Qatar?

Despite the deadly consequences of the pandemic everywhere in the world, Qatar still manages to retain its status as a buyer’s market. The National Vision has addressed sustainable development as one of its significant concerns. It plans to shift to green buildings, and expand natural solutions for the betterment of the nation and the world, in general. 

After winning the bid to host the Asian Cup in 2030, multiple opportunities have cropped up for luxury real estate (Qatar). In addition, the country is welcoming foreigners buying stores or/and homes here with a scheme to call the Gulf Nation home. At present, foreigners can look for houses in 25 locations in Qatar. They can settle down in the luxury villas lying in and around Doha. 

The government aims to encourage locals and expats to work together and diversify its economy. It has resulted in a highly profitable property market in Qatar. 

If you are wondering whether you should purchase luxury properties in Qatar, you must know it is a good time to buy luxury apartments. With affordable property prices and low mortgage interest rates, investing in Qatar properties is worth it. Unlike renting homes, purchasing properties in Qatar creates a long-term appreciation for the home.

Some prominent neighborhoods in Qatar that provide freehold property to buy and invest in are as follows:

• West Bay (Legtaifiya) - Zone 66
• The Pearl - Zone 66
• Al Khor Resort - Zone 74
• Al Qassar (Administrative Area) - Zone 60
• Al Dafna (Administrative Area) - Zone 60
• Al Dafna (Administrative Area) - Zone 61
• Onaiza (Administrative Area) - Zone 63
• Lusail - Zone 69 (Excluding: Waterfront Residential, Waterfront West & Northern Residential Villas)
• Al Khuraij - Zone 69
• Jabal Thuaileb - Zone 69

Communities like West Bay and Lusail City are incredible for buying luxury properties. While West Bay leaves no stone unturned to spoil you with food and drinks, it is one of the coolest places to live in the middle east. Its scenic beauty has attracted filmmakers to shoot some movies and TV shows.

Lusail’s marvelous stadium has hosted the World Cup 2022 and is presently one of the smartest and most technologically advanced cities in the world. With its high-speed fiber technology, businesses easily gain an edge over others in the market. Luxury properties aim to provide you a charmed and resort life. Hence, these luxury properties come with lavish amenities. Some of these include a gym, infinity pool, mini theaters, sitting plazas, walking tracks, safe play area for kids, and more.

The Luxury properties in Qatar go an extra mile to offer an ideal lifestyle to its dwellers. Well embellished with best of all amenities and features, it does justice to the hard earned lifestyle that each success story deserves.

In other words, the Qatar property market abounds in fantastic property deals that you can get your hands on through real estate agents.

Luxury Property Developments in Qatar

Luxury Property Developments in Qatar

The magnificent infrastructure, sustainable living, and luxurious living facilities have captivated the minds of wealthy individuals to invest in luxury homes. With the onset of work-from-home policies during the pandemic, the luxury residential market has witnessed a spike in the demand for suitable homes. This tremendous demand also stems from the huge infrastructure investment worth $229 billion and Qatar being the host of the World Cup 2022.

Moreover, several development and construction initiatives have brought about a marvelous shift in the real estate market. One such strategy is to grant permanent visas and offer incentives for expats to buy homes here.

Generally, wealthy people spend over $1.8 million on luxury apartments in Qatar, especially in Lusail. As a major sustainable community in Qatar, Lusail is the most preferred city among HNWIs to invest in residential properties. Its popularity arises from its proximity to Doha and a plethora of recreational amenities in Qatar.

Luxury homes, high-rise towers, and several other luxury properties including standalone family homes are prime attractions in the city. The two areas that have a high demand for residential purposes are Lusail Marina and Lusail Waterfront. Final Thoughts: In all probability, Qatar’s luxurious property market will expand due to its high demand and income levels. With solid governmental initiatives, Qatar will soon have intensified its residential market with multiple options for high quality housing.

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